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They really need to make capri sun packs bigger.  I’m not fucking 7 anymore.  I am a grown man.  All I’m saying is that sometimes 6.5 fl. oz. just doesn’t cut it. 

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Sophie Turner for ASOS Magazine

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To me it’s interesting at the end of season one, we find out that the clones have been patented. That always resonated for me as a woman to have this idea of our bodies not being our own. There’s this media ownership over the images of women’s bodies and there’s such an emphasis on your body representing who you are and defining who you are and also fitting into a specific box. I feel that’s a very resonant theme for young women like myself, and especially women in this industry.

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"Looking at Maslany’s shooting scripts is something unlike any other actor, because there are multiple colors of papers and a ton, ton, ton of notes about her thoughts about the characters." - Graeme Manson

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Age Bending Pt. 1

Love this

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Tina Fey talk about her daughter, Penelope Richmond playing with Amy Poehler’s son, Abel Arnett during the shooting of The Nest.

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Bill Hader Is So Funny He Makes Kristen Wiig Cry

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Day bow-bow. Chick—chicka chicka!

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